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How To Calculate Unit Rate

Actual total amount payable as shown in the electricity bill for that particular month divide by actual units consumed in that month.

Suggested solar PV system

Cost of the system *: Rs.

Rate of electricity/unit :

Monthy unit consumption : Units

Solar system required : KW

Shadow free space required for SPP : Square Feet

Average saving per month : Rs

Solar Hybrid System Calculator

Electric Bulbs (AC MAINS 220V) 30W :

Expected Backup Time (In Hours) :

Tubelights (AC MAINS 220V) 40W :
Expected Backup Time (In Hours) :

Ceiling Fans (AC MAINS 220V) 80W :
Expected Backup Time (In Hours) :

Computers (AC MAINS 220V) 100W :
Expected Backup Time (In Hours) :

Fridge (AC MAINS 220V) 250W :
Expected Backup Time (In Hours) :

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Solar Hybrid Calculator Solar Energy Calculator Solar Backup Time Calculator Solar Panel And Battery Suggestion Tool. PV Calculator estimates the energy production (solar panels) and storage of energy (battery) for energy systems in India. It allows homeowners, small building owners, installers and manufacturers to easily develop estimates of the performance of potential PV installations and estimate the battery size. This is a simple calculator that calculates requirement solar panels and required storage capacity of battery according to the required load and backup time.