Solar Project Facts -

Shri Swami Shanti Prakash Elders Home (Buddha Ashram) has switched on its modest 15 KW on grid roof top solar energy power plant consisting of 60 solar photovoltaic panels. This plant, will generate around 60 units of electricity on full sunny day. This plant is set up with the financial support from donors at a cost of Rs 10 lakh. This plant started generating solar power from June 26, 2016.

This plant is installed with the noble intention to save environment by using green energy. The objective is to provide feasible and sustainable renewable energy source for generation of clean and green electricity.

Location :Shanti Prakash Oldage Home,
Ulhasnagar, Mumbai.
Capacity : 15 Kw
Inverter : Zever Solar
Solar Panels : Waaree 255 watt 60 cells
Design / Construction : Belifal Innovations & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Worli, Mumbai 400 030
Technology : Belifal™
Project Completed : June 2016
CO2 emissions avoided per year : 9,900 Kg
Units generation per year : 18,000
Saving in Rs. per year : Over Rs. 2.5 Lacs

We will be taking care of your project in just a few easy steps. First, we will start with your Free Solar Consultation.
For your site installation;We would like to get following details from your side before site visit,

1) Total Roof area available.
2) Electric equipment at home.
3) Require power without battery backup or with battery backup (Off-grid or On-grid).
4) Pictures of your roof for shade analysis.
5) Your address to analyze solar fraction for net output of plant.

Also send the scanned copies of electricity bills of last 2-3 months.

Shanti Prakash Oldage Home - Mumbai

At present more than 85 elderly people staying in the Ashram free of charge. They have been provided all facilities including medical check up & treatment by the Shri Swami Shanti Prakash Trust. Even their last rights are being performed by Trust. Thus Shri Swami Shanti Prakash Trust is doing noble cause. This Ashram activities are being administered by Shri Himat Advani & his team voluntarily.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

• Approximately 300 days of solar generation will help to save over Rs. 2.5 Lakhs per year.

• 9,900 Kgs of greenhouse gas emissions displaced annually*.

• Electricity generated is directly fed into the grid thereby no batteries are needed.

Average generation of 18,000 units (KWh) per year

Savings in electricity bill for 25 long years

Maintainence free system

View real time solar generation report anytime anywhere on your mobile or laptop.

Date & Time : 12th August, 2016 At 1:03pm

Quick Facts

Location: Ulhasnagar, Mumbai
Capacity: 15 Kw
Inverter : Zeversolar
Design / Construction: Belifal Innovations & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Technology: Belifal™
Project Completed : June 2016
CO2 emissions avoided per year : 9,900 Kg
Units generation per year : 21,000

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