Solar Power Plant Project At Smt. Kamladevi Mittal Hospital

Solar Power Plant Project At Smt. Kamladevi Mittal Hospital

The present and not the future of civilisation and much biodiversity hangs to a large degree on whether we can replace fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas – with clean, safe and affordable energy within several decades. The good news is that renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency measures have advanced with extraordinary speed over the past decade. In tune with Hospital’s CSR initiative and also to see a major reduction in their energy costs as well as reducing their carbon footprint, the management installed their first solar plant in which their unit rate for the grid meter is Rs. 17/unit and from the solar plant the rate of electricity generated is only Rs. 3/unit.

Location :Smt. Kamaladevi Gouridutt Mittal Ayurvedic Hospital
Capacity : 20 Kw
Inverter : SMA Grid Tie
Design / Construction : Belifal Innovations & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Technology : Belifal™
Project Completed : January 2016
CO2 emissions avoided per year : 1,800 Kg
Units generation per year : 24,000
Saving in Rs. per year : Over Rs. 3 Lacs


Smt. Kamaladevi Gouridutt Mittal Ayurvedic Hospital has Panchakarma, Rasayan, Kshar-Sootra Centre of Ayurvedic Treatment for all common diseases. Indoor Patient department has total strength of 152 bed of which average occupied beds are 120 to 130. Outdoor patient department daily accomplish around 1000 patients.

The Hospital has installed a premium 20 kW grid tie solar power plant which will generate power @ Rs 3 /unit as against existing commercial rate of Rs 17/ unit will help the Hospital to save over Rs 3 lacs per year.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

• Approximately 300 days of solar generation will help to save over Rs. 3 Lakhs per year.

• More than 1,800 Kgs of greenhouse gas emissions displaced annually*.

• Electricity generated is directely fed into the grid thereby no batteries are needed.

Average generation of 24,000 units (KWh) per year

Savings in electricity bill for 25 long years

Maintainence free system

We will be taking care of your project in just a few easy steps. First, we will start with your Free Solar Consultation.
For your site installation;We would like to get following details from your side before site visit,

1) Total Roof area available.
2) Electric equipment at home.
3) Require power without battery backup or with battery backup (Off-grid or On-grid).
4) Pictures of your roof for shade analysis.
5) Your address to analyze solar fraction for net output of plant.

Also send the scanned copies of electricity bills of last 2-3 months.


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